This is how a PCR test Covid-19 works

1. Applying for a Covid-19 test

Do you want to apply for a Covid-19 test? Please complete the application form on our website. We ask you to enter the required information including the country that you wish to visit. At this moment, a Covid-19 test is mandatory when you want to travel to most destinations.

2. Select a test location near you

After entering the above information, you can select which day you want to take the test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In most countries it applies that the result of the test may not be older than 72 hours. It is therefore advisable to take the test no earlier than 72 hours prior to your flight or trip. You can select a test location near you. We have test locations throughout the Netherlands.

At some of our test locations you can walk in freely. You can go for a Covid-19 test on the date you have selected within the specified opening hours of the location. So you are not bound by a fixed time. At other test locations you will have to make an appointment. You can find all the test locations on this page.

3. Paying the costs for a PCR test

To complete your test application, you can pay for your PCR test via the payment method you have selected. The costs for the PCR test are €149,95. This includes the costs for obtaining a Non-Covid-19 statement. You can make the payment via iDEAL or credit card when completing the application form.

4. Testing for the Corona virus

The PCR test is taken to check whether you carry the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes Covid-19 disease. Covid-19 is a new version of the Corona virus, that has spread worldwide since 2019.

It is important that you bring your appointment confirmation with you to the PCR test location. You can register by scanning the barcode on your confirmation at the location.

A swab (special cotton swab) is used to take a sample from you in your nose or throat or by a mouthwash with NaCI fluid. Properly trained medical staff will take the test material. The cotton swab is placed in a tube and provided with a unique code, so the test material can be linked to the right patient. The test takes 3 to 5 minutes. The sample is then sent to the laboratory to be examined. This will determine whether you will receive a positive or negative test result for Covid-19.

5. Waiting for the test result

You will receive the result of the PCR test before your departure if you took the test on time. You will receive the result per email. It is not possible to request your test result by phone.

6. Flying with a Non-Covid19 statement

On the application form for taking a corona test, you can indicate that you need a travel statement or Non-Covid19 statement. This document has been set by a number of countries as a condition for entry into the country. You will receive a Non-Covid19 statement together with your test result. You will have to enter some additional information on the application form for this. We will need your full first and last name (as stated on your passport), your address and contact details for this.

Your Non-Covid19 statement may not be older than 48 or 72 hours (depending on your destination) at the moment that you want to enter your final destination. Please check carefully before you fly whether your airline company or the government of the relevant country has set additional requirements. In some countries, an antibody test is also mandatory in addition to the PCR test. On our website you can also make an appointment for an antibody test.

Disclaimer: cannot be held liable for entering personal data incorrectly or for not receiving the test results on time before the start of your trip.